trypraying for seven days
and see what happens!

The morning of a job interview. The night when a family member was sick. The five minutes before an exam.
Most people have prayed in moments of desperation.
Was someone listening? Was the prayer answered?
People find praying helps and have had answers.
This week you can find out if someone does listen
and care.

Something missing?

Even with a full life we can feel empty inside. Yet some people face health scares,
get stressed about money or worry about relationships. Others suffer from depression. Whatever it is, you know you could do with some help. God is good and often meets
us when we reach out to him.

Open minded?

You don't have to have a problem to pray. Many people simply want to know if there is something that can make sense of life. You are open minded and willing to check things out. Pray for seven days and discover the adventure of a lifetime: getting to know God!

This week could open your mind to new possibilities.

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What's this all about?

This site is for people who are not religious and don't go to church but might want to try praying. Content includes:

  • A 7 day guide with stories of answered prayer and things to do and say
  • Information so you can investigate
  • Short answers to good questions
  • Project information for those who want to share trypraying with others